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Electrical Services


The electrical system in your home is essential for keeping you and your family comfortable on a daily basis. Electricity is needed for lighting, heating and air conditioning, refrigeration of food, food preparation, washing and drying clothes, keeping your home clean, and of course, entertainment.

When something goes wrong, that comfort is lost and the safety of your family may be at risk. Borum Electrical provides customer service to Richmond, Virginia and the surrounding area. We can repair your existing electrical system and restore power to your home.


If you have electrical problems like power outages or tripped breakers, it may be a problem with the electrical system in your home. The best thing to do is contact your electric company first. They can check to see if there are any outages or problems in your area and even send a technician out to check the electrical components that lead from the main power source to your home. If the electric company does not find a problem, then most likely the problem is internal.

When breakers trip, pay attention to what is causing it. Look at what appliances are plugged in and what outlets are in use. You can try to avoid using certain appliances at the same time or plug things in at different locations, but the safest thing to do is call a professional electrical repair service. If your electrical system is working properly, breakers should not be tripping. In some cases your electrical wiring needs to be upgraded to ensure the best performance and safety.

Borum Electrical can also install electrical wiring in new homes and buildings. The best way to avoid electrical problems is to make sure the system is installed correctly the first time. Borum provides the latest technology in electrical systems.

Residential Services include:

Borum Electrical also provides electrical services to businesses in Richmond, Virginia and the neighboring counties. If your office building has electrical issues such as outages, shortages, or tripped breakers it is time to call a professional electrician. When it comes to your business there are many people affected by such issues and if not handled properly, their safety could be at risk. Rely on the experienced, trained professionals at Borum Electrical to inspect and repair your building’s electrical system.

Commercial Services Include:


Electrical Repair

If you need an electrical repair, it’s important to find a repair company that is reliable and experienced. Borum Electrical has been serving Richmond, VA and the surrounding area since 1996. Borum technicians have the experience necessary to safely repair your wiring or electrical problem.
When you lose electricity to your home, your first assumption is that the problem is outside your home with the electric company. In many cases this is true. The best thing to do in this case is to call the electric company to find out if there is an outage in your area. If so, they can usually give you an estimate of when power may be restored. However, if there is not a known outage in your area, it may be an internal problem. The electric company may send a representative out to your home to check the outside components to determine where the problem lies. If they don’t find a problem, then it is most likely internal. If you have partial electrical outages or if circuit breakers are repeatedly tripping, more than likely the problem is within your home.

Borum technicians are well trained and have the experience necessary to quickly diagnose the problem. They will safely repair the wiring, outlets, circuit breakers, or whatever else may be wrong with the electricity in your home. If you compare rates with other top companies, you will find that our rates are competitive and affordable.

Borum Electrical can also do electrical repair for businesses. There is no job too big for us. When it comes to electrical issues at a place of business, it can inconvenience a lot of people and even halt service or production. Prompt service is important.

When electrical issues are intermittent or seem to be easily solved by flipping circuit breakers, it can be tempting to ignore them. Resist the urge to let these issues go. Frequent tripping of circuit breakers is an indication of a bigger problem that could be a safety risk. If you see any corrosion, rust, burn marks, or loose conductors you should call for electrical repair service as soon as possible. Those are signs of major electrical issues that pose a fire risk. Put your family’s or employees’ safety in the capable hands of Borum Electrical.