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For a house to feel like home, comfort is key. Your heating and air conditioning system is essential to achieving that comfort. If your HVAC system is not doing its job, your home could be too hot or too cold, causing not only discomfort, but other issues as well. If you need an HVAC repair, upgrade, or replacement, Borum Heating and Air Conditioning can help. Our experienced technicians will diagnose the problem and recommend the best course of action. Best of all, we will do so in a timely manner and at a price or financing plan to fit within your budget.

When your heating or air conditioning stops working, you are obviously in need of a repair. If the system has power and nothing else seems to be amiss, it’s time to call a professional. One of our experienced technicians will diagnose the problem and repair your system if possible. If the system cannot be repaired, it is time for a replacement. Borum recommends the industry award winning Rheem comfort systems above all other brands. However, we carry other leading brands as well.
Sometimes the need for a repair or replacement is not obvious. Your heating or air conditioning may be running, but it may not be doing the best job. As systems age they run less efficiently, using more energy yet not heating and cooling as effectively as they did when they were new.

Advancements in technology have made it possible for new systems to work much more efficiently than systems did even five to ten years ago. If your system is 8 years old or older, replacement could save you a lot of money in energy costs. Energy efficient HVAC systems are not only easier on your wallet, but easier on the environment.

We can repair or replace all types and brands of heating and air conditioning systems. Just some of the types we service include electric, natural gas, and oil furnaces. Borum also offers maintenance plans to keep your system running smoothly and efficiently. Regular maintenance can prevent many of the problems that occur with HVAC systems.

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Borum Heating and Air Conditioning also provides commercial services.  If the heat or air conditioning is not working at a place of business, it effects many people.  You need service as fast as possible, and Borum will get there promptly.  We not only repair HVAC systems but install new systems in new buildings.  Our commercial services extend to apartment complexes and other rental structures.

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